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Application/Inquiry Form

To submit an application to our school, please complete the following form and select Submit Application.

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Thank you for your interest in the Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory and Continuing Education Department! We are excited to start making music with you. Please complete the following application/inquiry form. Upon completion, an admissions representative will contact you regarding your request.

Please note: some programs may need supplemental application materials to be submitted in addition to this general application. After submitting this form, you will be notified if any additional materials are needed.

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Student Information

Provide the information identifying the student who will receive training.

Address Information

Please identify the address of the financially responsible individual for this student.

Contact Information

Please enter the email address for the financially responsible individual

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Demographic Information
Financially Responsible Party (Relative)

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Emergency Contacts

In case of emergency, these people may be contacted only when financially responsible parties are not available.

Academic Information
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Education History

Please identify the current school you are attending (if applicable)

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Previous Training

This information helps ensure appropriate teacher/course selection.

Volunteer Assistance

The department uses volunteers to assist in various ways throughout the year. Would you consider joining our Parent/Guardian Volunteer group?

Emergency Notifications

The Cleveland Institute of Music is using the Rave Alert Emergency Notification System. By enrolling into a course with CIM, you will automatically be added to the notification system to receive emergency information related to activities on the campus as well as inclement weather situations. In case of the school or a branch closure, the Rave system will be utilized for notifying students of the closure.

If you do not wish to be notified, use this option to opt out of these notifications. You can contact CIM by phone or email at at any time to change your notification option.

Likeness/Information Release

The Cleveland Institute of Music does record or photograph some programs for various purposes. This authorization allows the use of photographs, images and videos as described in the Likeness/Information Release that will be provided during your registration process. When authorized, it is possible to provide restrictions as indicated below.

School Policy

CIM does provide the option to use payment plans to assist in payment of the services provided. These services are intended for those who are paying $500 or more for the family. For this convenience, a Payment Plan Fee of $30.00 per student will be added to your first month charges.

  1. I have read and understand The Cleveland Institute of Music Preparatory Department policies and procedures. By accepting these policies, I accept academic and financial responsibilities resulting from a subsequent registration billing transaction. Application Policy

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